Friday, September 7, 2012

Tri to workout and TRI to work it out NHL

Week 1 of the school year is officially in the books and now I am officially a working stiff again! This summer was an epic on but it is time to get back to the grind. It is going to be a challenging year at my school because renovations have us cramped and crazy, but I am fortunate to have great students this year. The one issue facing me is how devote enough time to my training while working full time.

Finding the time to train during the summer is now problem for a school teacher, but what about during the school year? I just completed one week on the job and i would like to share some observations:

·        To keep up my training regime, I am turning into a model of efficiency. Balancing the kids, work, grad school, and my training is keeping me busy. An occasional two days off from training is not ideal but it is becoming a fact of life.

·        Prime workout time-right after school. Mornings are too dark to do much outside.

I finally found some extra time yesterday to dedicate to training and pulled off a brick workout! Exciting…not because I did a brick…exciting that I found the time for one! I was all fired up for the rest of the evening. My increased mojo was evident to the fam too. When playing with my youngest before bed, I decided to squeeze in some crunches and it turned out to be a pretty awful idea. I felt a little tweek while doing my set and immediately felt my ribcage tighten. The discomfort did not go away for the rest of the evening. I had plans to do a 5:30am swim but when the alarm went off the discomfort hadn’t gone away so I had to call off the swim.

The day at school, I spoke with the athletic trainer who thinks a strained the muscle/tendon/whatever-he-called-it in between my ribs. He said to give it a little rest. I am a little bummed because the swim is my weakest sport and by early next week I need to get back in the water. Running and biking aren’t restricted so I don’t have to put all the training on hold.

The big triathlon is two weeks away as of this Sunday and I plan on a busy weekend. I am running a 5k both Saturday and Sunday. I also plan on squeezing in a bike ride on Saturday and a swim sometime on Sunday. During the two weeks leading up to the tri I plan on cutting back on training a bit but I am going to get into the water as much as possible-I need the work! The swim is my biggest concern so I plan on doing as many swims as I can. That doesn’t mean I’ll be in the pool everyday…I just hope to swim 3 times each week at the least.

Also need to remember to do my Sunday training EARLY… well before the NFL takes over my life! I am fired up for the football season here. Remember, I’m a New England guy so that means the PROS only…college ball is not a big deal here. Our big college sport is HOCKEY and if you are wondering, my fav squad are the UMASS-LOWELL River Hawks! One more month until they drop the puck for their season. This may be the only hockey that is on this season because the NHL’ers are sounding like they may not play at all. I refuse to believe that my Bruins won’t be playing! My boys are in the middle of a decent stretch where the team has plenty of talent and young players. Now is not the time for a year off!!!! Wake up guys(and owners)!
                                                  My fav Lucic brawl vs Komisarek!

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