Monday, September 19, 2016

Summer of 2016 Downs and Ups

Helli loyal followers! My blog is once again active with plenty of races to update you all on!  I took a brief hiatus after running the Baystate Marathon in 2015 (3:54:00) and the Marine Corps Marathon (4:00:00) in 2015.

The long school teacher summer of 2016 started out on a dark note. I suffered from a herniated disc in my back...I could barely walk without pain and was bedridden for weeks. Luckily, I have one of the best chiropractors around and he fixed me up after 4 weeks of treatment!! While I was incapacitated, I started reflecting on all of my goals and how I had always taken my good health for granted. I vowed not to do the same once I was recovered...

My back started feeling better right when I brought my girls out to California for a vacation. One day while in LA, my host and friend, Vince, asked me to go on a bike ride with him. I took him up on his offer and off we went along the Pacific. By the end of the ride, Vince was impressed with my fitness and proclaimed me ready for a sprint distance cycle. After going through all of hat pain in July, this compliment meant the world to me! It was a huge first step to getting back into triathlon shape. My confidence needed this!! The rest of the trip I started doing some ocean swims to slowing work back into the end of that vacation, I had already signed up for my first triathlon- the Witches tri in Salem, MA... More to follow