Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Four days until the big race!!! The excitement is at a fever pitch but the last few days leading up to my first triathlon are going by pretty s...l…o…w! Things have been very busy at school and with life but the countdown to the race is just dragging by!!!

My training has been going pretty smooth. On Monday I squeezed in 10 miles on the bike and will probably do a short ride tomorrow. I also plan on swinging by the bike shop to make sure my bike is race-worthy.

Over the last week, I’ve been spending most of my training time in the pool because it’s my weakest area. This morning’s swim was my best yet and left me feeling pretty good for the race. My main goal in the tri is to make it out of the water on my own! After today’s workout in the pool, I think there is a good chance I will make it out of the North Atlantic! I might take a quick dip in the ocean the day before race day just to get acclimated to the frosty water.

After running a couple of races a week and a half ago, I haven’t run much. Tomorrow’s plan is for a really short run and to start packing.  Will probably put all my tri gear aside and look up some packing lists just to make sure I have everything.  
     Finishing the PJ Johnson Memorial 5k
My workouts have been toned down and I’m feeling pretty refreshed.  I’m ready to do this! The only thing that could shake me at this point is the forecast. Not sure how well I would cycle in the rain.  On Monday, they forecasted a 60% chance of rain for race day. Yesterday, the forecast called for a 40% chance and today there is a 20% chance of afternoon showers on race day. After a lot of stress, it is looking like the weather may hold up for us.

                                                       Grammy- the captain of my support team
My tri team is ready for the race too- my two little ones, my parents and grandma, Kirk’s fam, and a couple of friends are all expected to be at the race to cheer on my racing partner-in-crime, Kirk, and I. I’ve also been fortunate to receive plenty of support from a few co-workers who are avid runners. The support network has kept me fired up and with race day just around the corner, it is time to put everything together and crush it!

I've enlisted the help of the rebels just in case. Going into the race with the Force on my side should give me an edge over my competition!!!


  1. So excited for you! I hope you love it!!!!

  2. I hope you had a fantastic race!! Can't wait to hear all about it!