Saturday, September 1, 2012

Summer’s End State of Sports and Leisure Review

With school starting on Tuesday I have a few thoughts about sports and life I’d like to share.

Just wondering where I will find the time to train and work now that my teaching gig is starting back up and taking grad courses to boot…

Baseball- the Sox are an afterthought in New England for the first time in over a decade. The bandwagon has crashed! Still plenty of loyal followers though-my 88 year old grandma still refuses to miss a game on TV. However, even grandma has conceded the season. So many of us here had disowned the team after none of the players attended the funeral of the beloved legend Johnny Pesky. Sox ownership quickly went into damage control and demonstrated some serious stones by trading most of the team core. I applaud them for having the gumption for such a bold move and getting rid of good players that were so disliked by the fans.

Football- fantasy football draft in complete and it’s time for ‘Are you ready for some football’ tune to be heard time and again. Making plans for at least one trip to Foxborough to see the Pats dismantle the Jets…

Hockey- the NHL will break my heart if there is a work stoppage. Can the owners be that stupid to undo all the gains the sports has made in the last decade? I find it hard to believe that there won’t be hockey this winter. We’ll have to wait and see. The fam and I got a partial hockey fix last week at Milan Lucic’s celebrity softball game that had Looch, Seidenberg, Tuuka, Mottau, and Johnny Boychuk playing. However, I should point out the Mickey Ward got the biggest ovation of the night-Lowell rocks!

Old-timer league hockey team gearing up for another season of mediocrity and fun!

Basketball- whatever.

Personal Tri training- moving along nicely, 3 weeks to my 1st race. Hope to dip into the ocean twice in the next 3 days and ride the course once. Still not finding the time to hit the gym and do some weight training. Must…find…the…motivation…to…do…more!

Summer Travel Recap- one of my favorite leisure activities: travelling. Did more travelling this summer than over any 3 month period in my life! I’ve been pretty fortunate this summer and I’m not too sure how I can top it after taking a handful of trips to Europe, Caribbean, Disney, and NYC. Although I’ve had an incredible journey this summer, I’ve figured out one important thing- I love New England. I don’t think I could ever move away from here. I love the coast and beaches, incredible seafood, Boston and its’ history, the mountains that aren’t too far away, the hockey culture here that you don’t find in too many other places, I actually enjoy ALL the seasons, and my hometown of Lowell(even though I moved next door to it recently). People give the city a bad rap- the mills give it a feeling of history that many cities do not have.  

I still love to travel but “I love that dirty water…Boston you’re my home.”

Signing off from the sport and leisure rant.
My nephew, dad, and I rocking the Skydome/Rogers Centre for a Sox game.

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