Thursday, October 4, 2012

Reliving the Dream ... pics of my first TRI

It’s now almost 2 weeks post-race and the race pics have just been posted. With my workouts slowing down, I need to relive the moment so here are some action shots!
The BEFORE pic...Race time. Even though showers were forecast, the sun was shining on us that day!
1- My inaugural tri so you guessed it, one of the first on the scene. I had already been at the reg table for about an hour by this point!

2- Just before the gun! Notice the waves visible ABOVE the heads of the racers...

3- We're off. Wasn't easy getting past the first few swells!

4- I'm somewhere on the far left...

5- Finishing the swim, Gameface is ON! Actually, i was a little wobbly at this point after getting thrown around in the surf.

6- Trying to make up some time after a sub-par swim.  Headwind!

7- Salt marsh and me.

8- Feeling good at this point and just taking it all in!

9- Yup!

10- Not gonna lie- Kirk has a much cooler victory dance than I!

11- Telling war stories already!

My photographer (dad!) taking an accidental photo of himself! May have to convince him to take part in a relay next year!?!

Time to keep the dream alive and recommit to training!!!



  1. Congrats on your first tri! Those waves are HUGE!!!!

    1. Thanks! Waves made it fun...swimming's not my best discipline, just one more challenge to overcome!