Sunday, October 7, 2012

I've Got Nothing to Offer but Blood, Toils, Tears, and Sweat.

Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning. Winston Churchill

What exactly does it mean? First-that I am a history geek!  Second- I’ve accomplished my immediate goal of competing in a TRI.  Third-it’s time to advance my training to the next stage and not to be happy just ‘getting here’.  
Too much junk food in my diet? You betcha!!

This quote sums up exactly where I am in my training. Not the end-even though the big part of the race season is over.  Not the beginning of the end-I’m not retiring from sport!  Maybe- the end of the beginning! I’m ready for the next phase of my TRI career!

It’s been two weeks since my first triathlon and the training has dropped off a bit. I did run a 5k race last weekend but I’ve slacked since. I do have one more 5k race on my radar this year but it’s time to step up the training of all 3 tri disciplines. I’ve been taking it easy since the big race and it’s time to regroup!

I’m going to have to take some steps to ensure training success.  One thing I need to do is put up one of those training widgets on this blog so my loyal handful of followers can keep track of my workouts and continue to motivate me. I have received some great encouragement from fellow bloggers and it has provided some great motivation to me. Please keep those shout-outs coming!

Another part of plan tri-recommit is to sign up for a tri or two for next year. I’d like to do a handful but I need to make it official! Olympic and Half-Ironman are my goals…not planning on holding the world-wide press conferences on these until the $$ is sent in but will keep you posted.

Time to chill out is over, but some 80's tunes, firepit, and a sociable are just what I need
Seafood diet...Jacqueline's favorite-Steamers!
There is no better time to start the training than first thing tomorrow morning(yeah it’s late now!), so it’s time to fire up that  ‘80s music because I’m ready to rock! BTW-quality 80s tunes are VITAL to my training!

Here are some pics from life since TRI#1…
Time to stop being a weiner?

What gives you motivation between races????

New training workout: Chasing Riley Ann!

No Sleep till Brooklyn for Jacqueline

Riley starting her TRI training?

                                                          Live from NY, it's....US!

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  1. aww cute photos. I've been taking it easy on training for the last month and it's just about time to pick up the pace and set some race dates in stone.