Thursday, August 30, 2012

Running shape, Eddie Money, and the 5K

Running has to be my least favorite part of the 3 triathlon disciplines. It’s not that I necessarily struggle with running, I just get bored during workouts. I never run without my 80’s tunes now, and this has helped a little with enjoying my workouts. I haven’t been pushing my distances- staying mainly around 3-4 miles per run. I average 7.5-8 minute miles…


Earlier this year, I ran a 5k road race and came away from it knowing that I wasn’t in the greatest shape- my time was a 1:30 slower than the same race the year before. It wasn’t a bad day, my training was about the same…I was just slower. It was about this time where I committed myself to getting in better shape and doing a triathlon.


Over the last 2 weeks, I’ve had some decent run workouts. I’ve felt a bit better out on the road. My numbers only slightly improved, but I felt much stronger in the workouts. My next step in my run workouts is to meet up with some friends and do group runs or at least with one other person. I guess the same can be said for my cycling and swim workouts too. I have done some research on the internet for Triathlon Clubs/teams my area. I live in Mass right near the NH border so clubs from Boston to Southern NH are all on the table. I found a couple of possible leads. I just want to make sure the group I pick fits my needs- workouts with a reasonable area, a club that actually has regular workouts, and a group that is serious but also doesn’t take themselves too serious(a group that knows how to have fun!). My goal is to join one of these groups by the end of 2012.

My youngest daughter Riley and I, post-race, at my old lunch table from high school                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Last week, I ran my first 5k since picking up my training. The race was a cancer research fundraiser in memory of Marci Lemkin. My old high school hosted the festivities and was the starting point.  I loved the course, mostly flat and along the Merrimack River. I ran at a steady pace the entire race, never sprinting but never slowing down either.  I actually had a little bit of a burst left in me at the end but I misjudged where the finish line was- I never saw it until I was 40 yards away. Another rookie mistake! Also failed to spot the wifey and one of my daughters at the finish line.  I finished the 5k with a time of 22.59.  I was happy with the time and pace I sustained. Much of the credit should go to Vince Neil and Joe Elliot for firing me up with some quality tunes mid-race. Where does Eddie Money come into play from the post-title? “Wanna go back, and do it all over…” Stroll down memory lane while walking through the old school.


Post-race summary: I feel better on the course and improvements can be made in my time if I pick up my training. Also, I should know the start and finish better. I was trapped in a slow group at the start(it only held me up a little) and I should have known where the finish was. I also developed a blister from my tight running shoes. Shoes will have to be retired- they are too small. These were old and super cheap so no big loss. My back-up pair of kicks fit fine and they are now my primary ones. They are newer and fit perfect –should have made this switch sooner.


Signed up for two more 5k races that are both next weekend. Never ran races on consecutive days but these races are parts of bigger celebrations that I’m really looking forward to.  Then, 2 weeks of light training before the much anticipated first triathlon!


Off to the ocean for a brick workout on the tri race course!

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